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Oracle Identity Services

Connecting To Private Autonomous Database Using OCI Bastion

Oracle recently released OCI Bastion, a fully-managed service providing secure and ephemeral access to private resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), all at no additional cost. One of the great capabilities of the Bastion service is its ability to connect to different types of resources in OCI, not just compute instances. This includes database PaaS services such as Autonomous Database. In this quick tip, I’m going to walk you through how to set this up, both for SQL connections, as well as to connect to APEX that comes pre-installed with all Oracle Autonomous Databases.

March 07, 2023

Integration with Oracle IDCS Complete!

The DIFM Ag Research Portal and Farmers Portal is now integrated with Oracle IDCS and there is self-registration for farmers and research scientists.   Both applications remain under development but the underlying scaffolding is built and being tested.

Ag Research Portal:  Is an end-user application under development designed for PI's and Stakeholders to access, review, edit migrated data residing in DIFM's Autonomous Data Warehouse in the Oracle Cloud.  

Farm Portal: Is an end-user application allowing farmers to register for OFPE Trials, upload necessary data for implementing those trials.  

Integrating user registration with IDCS and managing application & data access with IDCS satisfies essential requirements of Phase I of the software development plan.