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DIFM, Oracle Code-Innovate Project Collaboration. Includes reference materials, instructions and training material.

Oracle Code-Innovate Website

This project has been temporarily cancelled due to poor grant leadership and a lack of qualified software developers. We will be remediating this situation by hiring several software developers at the University of Connecticut, and hosting the project in the near future, entirely with UConn developers. --Keith Curran 2023.02.27

Oracle's Code-Innovate is a collaborative development project, which in the context of DIFM development intends to hold two sessions.  (1) The first is set to begin March 06, 2023 and aims to build Trial Design End-User Software using Oracle APEX, Oracle Spatial Studio, and is driven by Oracle's Autonomous Transactional Database in the Cloud.  The session will last one week where a DIFM team of developers will work directly with an Oracle Development team to build a basic but functional trial design application.  Following a successful completion, Keith Curran will present the results of the project to Oracle and DIFM Grant Administrators.   (2)  The second session (date undetermined) will expound upon the skillsets of the first session and will tackle Yield Prediction Modelling and Trial Optimization.   

In advance of these sessions; a select group of DIFM Developers are working towards gaining knowledge of Cloud Tools, Apex, and Oracle Spatial Studio.  The learning curve is large and all of February has been allocated towards expediting knowledge and working with Oracle to train on these systems.

I have been following the development of Oracle Apex for three years.  In my opinion, it is a mature product that will serve the need for a DIFM front end-User-Interface that meshes with Oracles IDCS, Roles and Group Security.    

If you have a DIFM developer you feel would like to participate in the training.  Please contact Keith Curran.  

March 07, 2023

Integration with Oracle IDCS Complete!

The DIFM Ag Research Portal and Farmers Portal is now integrated with Oracle IDCS and there is self-registration for farmers and research scientists.   Both applications remain under development but the underlying scaffolding is built and being tested.

Ag Research Portal:  Is an end-user application under development designed for PI's and Stakeholders to access, review, edit migrated data residing in DIFM's Autonomous Data Warehouse in the Oracle Cloud.  

Farm Portal: Is an end-user application allowing farmers to register for OFPE Trials, upload necessary data for implementing those trials.  

Integrating user registration with IDCS and managing application & data access with IDCS satisfies essential requirements of Phase I of the software development plan.