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Opening hours

Monday 8am - 7pm

Tuesday 8am - 7pm

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 8am - 7pm

Friday 8am - 10pm

Saturday 8am - 10pm

Please phone ahead, availability may vary.

Sunday 9am - 1pm

Closed in the evenings.

Lunch menu

Soup of the day £4.50

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Burgers £8.95

Turkey, Beef & Chicken options are available.

Pizza £9.50

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Dessert £3.50

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Tea £1.50

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Coffee £2.50

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A la carte

Burgers £11.95

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Pizza £9.90

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Steak £18.50

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March 07, 2023

Integration with Oracle IDCS Complete!

The DIFM Ag Research Portal and Farmers Portal is now integrated with Oracle IDCS and there is self-registration for farmers and research scientists.   Both applications remain under development but the underlying scaffolding is built and being tested.

Ag Research Portal:  Is an end-user application under development designed for PI's and Stakeholders to access, review, edit migrated data residing in DIFM's Autonomous Data Warehouse in the Oracle Cloud.  

Farm Portal: Is an end-user application allowing farmers to register for OFPE Trials, upload necessary data for implementing those trials.  

Integrating user registration with IDCS and managing application & data access with IDCS satisfies essential requirements of Phase I of the software development plan.